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DOM Design-Organisation-Media

The Centre for Design-Organisation-Media (DOM) is an internationally networked, interdisciplinary research unit whose key objectives are of equal importance for both teaching in the university context and practical application. In the coming years, DOM will specifically focus on researching the approach to innovation internalised in the different fields of design (architecture, industrial design, etc.) and its successful implementation within organisations. Contrary to the analytical and fundamentally linear methods often used to conceptualise new perspectives, an iterative, holistically inspired approach to design does not start with the identification and modification of existing structures but rather with the creation of something essentially novel, something that previously did not exist. In this respect, interest must in particular be paid to the ways and means in which knowledge is generated in the creative process (which duly entails new skills), and how this new knowledge (which to an extent clashes existing knowledge) can be sustainably established within organisations.

In addition to research activities, international conferences and cross-institutional courses (e.g. with JKU Linz or the University of St. Gallen) addressing this focus are held as well. The DOM Centre also provides supervision for master and doctorate students working on their theses and dissertations.


Head and Contact
Univ.Prof.Arch. Dipl.-Ing.MArch. Michael Shamiyeh

University of Art and Design Linz
DOM Design-Organisation-Medien
Hauptplatz 8, 2. Stock
4010 Linz | Austria