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The space&designstrategies programme follows a clearly established goal: research-inspired and performative design for a better world. Towards this purpose, every student is to acquire high flexibility and improvisational skills in a vehemently changing society. 

The project-oriented tasks of the bachelor and master programmes are situated at the interfaces of art, architecture, urban studies and design.

„Some major distinctions in thinking and approach exist between the different disciplines, as I discovered at the various universities where I taught.
A spatial planner thinks more democratically and works from the concept of the average man; personally tinged principles are not appreciated. An urban designer thinks organisationally and in a very abstract manner, with little imaginative thought for personal everyday-life experiences. An architect’s work is based on his or her intellect; the concept of a design is maintained up to its very completion, even if the building does not match the original concept anymore. Conversely, a designer works from his or her feelings and emotions. A design is much more likely to end up in the waste bin because it is not beautiful, because it does not match what it should express. Finally, an artist works in a much more personal manner, more autobiographically and therefore much more activistically, reacting directly to the personal world of experiences.

Thus the curricula of space&designstrategies, which are unique in Europe, try to bring this variety of thinking together. Focusing on current developments and responsive to local issues, the programme is therefore positioned somewhere between ‘society shape’, ‘sustainable urbanism’ and ‘art activism’.”

Univ.-Prof. Ton Matton, 2014    

Univ.-Prof. Ton Matton

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