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Master Programme Architecture

In addition to teaching the subject-matter of the bachelor programme in greater depth, the master programme offers the possibility of choosing a specific profile within the overall field of architecture. We impart top-level knowledge in such areas as sustainability (ecology, solar architecture, intelligent building utilities), wood and timber construction (see also: University Course überholz) and architecture in developing countries (Project Studio BASEhabitat). 
International awards won by some of our design projects and diploma theses spotlight these competencies (Energy Globe 2006, Aga Khan Architecture Award for a project in Bangladesh, winning entry in the “Just Jerusalem” competition).

Academic Title
MArch (Master of Architecture)

Career Options
The curriculum trains students for all career options within the fields of architecture, urban and regional planning as well as in theory of architecture, architectural journalism, architecture management, building administration, the construction industry and project development.


Projekt: Barbara Friesenecker; Foto @ Philipp Steiner

O.Univ.-Prof. Mag.arch. Roland Gnaiger

Assoz.Prof. DI Michael Zinner, PhD
T: +43 (0) 732 7898 2243
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