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Studienvertretung Architektur

The representation of the architectural studies acts as a link between the students and the professors/lecturers. We pass on information at the "Frühstück", which takes place every Thursday morning, or at the "Stammtisch" (every first Wednesday evening). Newsworthy topics are discussed and we make decissions together at these meetings.


We are constantly looking to improve our situation; be it giving feedback to the lectorers or getting feedback back or be it organising our working environment in the best possible way regarding the ongoing projects.


Questions and suggestions are welcome!

E-mail us or find us on facebook.

Vorsitzende Huynh-Minh Jenny
Kontakt oeh.stv-architektur@ufg.at

Stellvertreterin Schmolmüller Eva
Kontakt oeh.stv-architektur@ufg.at