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Diploma programme for secondary-school teachers

Situated at the interface of scientific theories of art, culture and pedagogy, personal creative expression and practical education work with children and adolescents, the Art Education curriculum concentrates on the role of visual and sensual perception, of art and culture in both past and present.
The reflection and analysis of perception processes, the communication of content-driven messages and fundamentals of cultural studies are central topics explored didactically from a variety of different positions.
It is the twofold objective of this curriculum to offer in-depth interdisciplinary academic training and to impart specialised technical skills. Emancipation, the differentiated nurturing of talent and the training of each student’s professional, social and self-competence are viewed as key principles.
The courses taught are to enable graduates both to teach at middle and higher schools and vocational schools and to embrace other, non-school-related career options based on individual study focuses, such as e.g. cultural mediation, culture management and/or the development of socio-cultural project work.

A.Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Wolfgang Schreibelmayr

O.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Gerhard Hickisch

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