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Bachelor Programme Art Education

The Bachelor programme (8 semesters) Art Education (AE) aims to impart an artistic, scientific as well as technical-didactic training course, with particular focuses on pedagogy, educational science and professional practice, for future teachers at middle and higher secondary schools. The qualification to teach the subject of Art Education can only be acquired following the successful completion of the Bachelor and Master programmes for the respective discipline.

In addition to working as a teacher, the Bachelor programme Art Education opens up possibilities in additional professional fields, e.g. extracurricular youth work, adult education, work in the areas of culture and the media, cultural, art and museum pedagogy, freelance artistic professions and others.

The curriculum reflects the reality that factual knowledge today is available practically anytime. Thus students need to acquire orientational knowledge and learn to view education, not as an object to be possessed, but as a process and practice. During their studies, they already become part of an expert public and contribute actively to the development of the discipline as a learning system (cf. curriculum of the Bachelor programme for (general) secondary school teachers, “Cluster Mitte” development alliance, 2016).

The Bachelor programme Art Education has a modular structure. Students explore the study areas of technical didactics /science and artistic/design practice in several steps: professional environment overview in the first year, development in the second year and skill consolidation in the third and fourth years of the programme.


Curricular elements that concern educational science and pedagogical practice are offered and co-ordinated by Zentrum PPS (Centre for Pedagogical-Practical Studies). In all, three practice stints (of which two specialised practice stints in the subject AE) must be completed.


At Kunstuniversität Linz, the AE teacher training programme is organised by the Department of Art Education. In addition to a great variety of courses and classes located at the Departments of Didactics, Artwork Practice and Art Education, co-operation ventures with Austrian and foreign institutions (e.g. Ars Electronica, Crossing Europe, etc.) support students in choosing individual focuses. Moreover, students may attend classes and courses of all “Cluster Mitte” partner organisations.

A.Univ.-Prof. Mag.art. Wolfgang Schreibelmayr

O.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Gerhard Hickisch

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