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Bodypercussion – Mobile, Portable Percussion Set

Daniel B. Hochmair
Diploma project | 2006
Industrial Design

The central task posed by this project lay in creating an instrument that makes it possible to play the drums using the player’s own body as carrier. Towards this purpose, the position of percussion in music must be analysed – what is behind the human instinct to beat the drums? A look at the basic techniques of percussion and drumming provides a framework for the necessary potential of the new instrument; moreover, scientific and sociological analysis of the use of percussion instruments reveals details of their application and effect. Aesthetic reflection highlights the significance of musical instruments. A comparison with similar products, interaction with potential professional users as well as empirical input result in a precise specification of the technology, materials and performance requirements of the instrument.
Through strategic planning, SWOT analysis supports the definition of the underlying concept, whose final outcome is a modular, electronic body percussion instrument. Moreover, additions to the basic concept to provide for functions that might harbour added benefits are also included.

Project adviser

Axel Thallemer, Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing.

Completion date

30 July 2006