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Brandstätter Ulrich

Creational non-games and software toys - Ludus through transformative play

Beginn PhD Studium: WS 2014

Christa Sommerer

In 2014, the international debate if video games should be considered cultural assets is still a passionate one.For a certainty, games cause reactions outside the magic circle, such as political debates, video game controversies, discussions regarding cultural representations within games, formation of (sub-)cultures and scenes, and more individual effects such as relief from stress and personal entertainment.
Although video games are a comparably young medium, they cannot be assumed away from contemporary media art any longer, common practices include:
house facade projections, glitch re-enactments, virtual art exhibitions.For the time being, video games are often used as tools for architecture design, prototyping, and film productions.

The proposed thesis will focus on creational aspects of so called non-game and software-toy video games with _beneficial_ influences on the outside of the magic circle; central topics are therefore transformative play, constrained creativity, self-expressive play, and Ludus.
Relevant categories / examples for non-games and software-toys that fit the overall topic are _sandbox games_, _construction games_, _non-games_, _music video games_, and _games for care_.