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Data- Driven Politics and Image-Crafting

Waiwai aka Hiuwai Chan

"Data- Driven Politics and Image-Crafting" Waiwai aka Hiuwai Chan, Masterarbeit, 2018

Situated itself in the current critical western political climate, i.e. Brexit and Trumpism, this thesis aims to decode how digital politics shapes electoral behaviour. It investigates the power and the potential of image in the age of data-driven politics. By using AI-based interactive design, the writer conducted survey, interviews, experiments and data analysis, proposing a systematic, statistical model for image-based political communication.

Waiwai aka Hiuwai Chan is a data enthusiast and a coder with professional experience in electoral campaigning and academic research.
She received her trainings from Interface Culture Lab, Royal Statistical Society and Manchester School of Art, which formulates her practice in political communication and analytic with artistic and computational technology.
Her work has been showcased internationally and was rewarded Artist Development Fund by Art Council England.

Interface, Master-Thesis, 2018
Interface Cultures