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AMRO Festival

Eröffnung: 16. Mai 2018, 19.30 Uhr; Festival bis 19. Mai 2018 afo architekturforum, Herbert-Bayer-Platz 1, Linz

Art Meets Radical Openness - Unmapping Infrastructures

AMRO is a biennial event organized by servus.at in cooperation with the Department of Time-based Media, Kunstuniversität Linz.

‚Art Meets Radical Openness´ is a community festival, an open lab, and a meeting point for artists, developers, hactivists, and idealists involved with the culture of sharing and communal production. They are catalysts that spark new discourses and open up new directions of thinking. Free Open Source Software, open tools in general and the use of free licenses are the precondition and basis for the digital practice of a community like this, which impels social transformation.
The current issue ‚Unmapping Infrastructures´ deals with the idea of ‚mapping´ as a process of becoming aware and then acquiring a critical position about the current landscape of technological infrastructures.
This conglomerate of machines, human and non-human actors, nation-states and borderless companies is increasingly complex to observe and describe. Nevertheless, we believe that there is more to be seen than a hyper-commercialized structure of interlaced technological layers. How can art and activism appropriate the methods of cartographic mapping to produce new, critical and alternative views of the current landscape shaped by different players?

The event is in english language and free of charge.

Partners: afo, Piet Zwart Institute, Stadtwerkstatt, qujOchö, Bildnerische Erziehung and Interface Cultures - Kunstuniversität Linz, Willy*Fred
Funders: BKA-Kunst & Kultur, Stadt Linz, Land OÖ

Programmpunkte von Interface Cultures / Institut Medien im Rahmen des AMRO Festivals:

  • 17. Mai 2018 um 19.00 Uhr: Gastvortrag "DEEP CARBON" von Joana Moll. mehr
  • 17. Mai 2018 von 20.00 bis 21.30 Uhr: Moderation der Veranstaltung "Dancing with Dragons" von Hiuwai Chan, Studierende bei Interface Cultures. mehr
  • 17. und 18. Mai 2018: Workshop und Konzert von Jens Vetter und Stefan Tiefengraber, IC Studierende. mehr

Beteiligung der Bildnerischen Erziehung / Institut Kunst und Bildung am AMRO Festival:

  • 16. bis 19. Mai 2018: AMROGRAPH at AMRO Festival . mehr

Festival program: www.radical-openness.org

Graphic design: Christoph Haag, lafkon.net