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Experimental Art

The focus of teaching within the Experimental Art curriculum is not primarily on a single medium or clearly defined artistic product but rather on strategies of artistic productivity, the process character of artistic ideas and their implementation through a wide variety of media including video, photography, experimental film, sound, computer-based techniques as well as drawing, performance and others. The stimulating tension between (cultural-)scientific, socio-critical, and technical discourses and the independence of individual perception fosters curiosity and the spirit of artisitic research. By engaging in experimentation, this approach will generate unexpected findings and unconventional outcomes.
Annual themes – often centred on topical socio-political developements and their relevants for artistic production – provide a discoursive context for projects developed either individually or within a group. The Experimental Art curriculum is a space for creative freedom and artistic laboratory.


Univ.-Prof. MMag. Anna Jermolaewa

Mag.phil. Christine Winner
Institute Office
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Kunstuniversität Linz
Department of Experimental Art
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