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Hot and Cold Whisperer

Ebru Kurbak
Game in public spaces, 2008
Space and Design Strategies

*Hot and Cold Whisperer* is a playful wearable interface for finding WiFi hotspots in the urban environment inspired by the well-known hot and cold game. The hot and cold game is normally played by multiple players: a player searches for a hidden object whereas the others yell out the words “hotter” as he gets closer to the object and “colder” as he moves away. *Hot and Cold Whisperer*, designed in the form of ear warmers, converts this game into a personal urban experience for the user who is searching for a WiFi hotspot. The ear warmers are covered with soft and warm fabric. They snap onto the user’s ears and protect them from cold weather during
daily activities. A WiFi detector as well as a pair of headphones is embedded in the system. As the user strolls around the city, a voice whispers words like “hot”, “hotter”, “cold” and “colder” into the user’s ears according to the strength of the continuously detected WiFi signal.