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Student Representation Interface Cultures

As students representatives, we function as bridge between students and teachers. We are trying to create a positive and motivating study atmosphere. We are ready to help with words and deeds if a student needs help, and by organising regular meetings we are giving all students the opportunity to discuss about wishes, complaints and compliments with each other and with us.Moreover, we are financially supporting relevant excursions and workshops that the students take part in, and are we seeking to organise events together.

Stv Interface Cultures

Vorsitzende Nüßlein Julia
Kontakt oeh.stv-interfaceculture@ufg.at

Stellvertreterin Ilona Stütz
Kontakt oeh.stv-interfaceculture@ufg.at

Stellvertreter Croton Kevan
Kontakt oeh.stv-interfaceculture@ufg.at