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Basic knowledge of the German language is strongly recommended as lectures are usually held in German. At least we expect a profound knowledge of English from the students and is is strongly recommended to attend a German course during the exchange in Linz.

German Courses
KUNI Linz offers two german courses for Exchange Students:

German as a Foreign Language / Basic Course (Winter- and Summerterm)
500.030 W -  4 ECTS
500.030 S  -  4 ECTS

German as a Foreign Language / Advanced 
(Winter- and Summerterm)
500.031 W - 2 ECTS
500.031 S  - 2 ECTS

For that purpose there will be a classification meeting with the coordinator of these courses in the beginning of the semester. You will receive an announcement per e-mail in time.

Further German Courses
Also offered at three institutions in Linz – please see the link. These courses are not free of charge! All these institutions are located in Linz and reachable by tram.