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Samuel Bunn

Sam Bunn is a British artist based in Linz. His practice, exploring the object, the audience and the maker within the sphere of expanded, interactive sculpture is based on an experimental approach to making and on finding joy in the incomplete and the prototype. These sculptural investigations focus on the interactions between humans and the architecture of modern life.

Marta Campos

Marta PCampos (Zaragoza, 1990) studied Fine Arts at Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) with a main focus on video art. Currently studying the master Interface Cultures and a B. Sc. in Computer Engineering (UNED, Spain). My main interest resides in failure and more specifically when errors are connected to human-human exchanges. I think that we as artists can do much about the way in which we interact by creating videos, apps, interactive experiences, garments...

Yen Tzu Chang

Born in 1991 in Taiwan. She graduated from New Media Art department at Taipei National University of Art (TNUA). During the BA, she has been working in fields of interdisciplinary art pieces and experiment sound performances. Currently, she is studying the M.A. Interface Culture at Kunstuniversität Linz.


Juan Cedenilla

He began studying B.S. Telematic Engineering because of his interest in telecommunications. In that time, he worked in different types of jobs within the Networking. After a few years, he decided to make a change to explore and discover his creative side. He obtained a degree in Fine Arts, interested in audiovisual and interactive art. He has developed projects in photography, video, video-installations, interactive installations and net.art.

Peter Eszes

Peter is an interaction designer from Hungary interested in the communication between technology and humans.
He studied Visual Communication (BA, MA) at the Budapest University of Technologies and Economics. During his studies he started to work with technology in addition to design, what lead him to work as a design intern at Prezi.com (http://prezi.com/), a communication and design consultant at Kitchen Budapest (http://www.kibu.hu/), making countless Prezis for many companies and organizations, become a researcher at OS Kantine (http://www.oskantine.hu/), be the first research resident at CIID (http://ciid.dk/) and do a research residency at IAMAS (http://iamas.ac.jp/) in Japan.
Nowadays Peter either freelancing or working on his own projects that involves ui, ux and interaction design as well, but most importantly he is making sure that everything works before something is becoming beautiful. This approach allows him to iterate as much as possible and to work on innovative solutions in the field of gestures, navigation, information architecture and interactions. He is also fond of finding new ways to interact with the digital and physical world as well.

Mario Romera Gomez

Born in Spain but related to Venezuela Mario Romera consider himself an interdisciplinary artist focused on the research of new ways to develop art experiences with special mention to achieve participation and interaction between spectator and artwork. Formed in Fine Arts, he rather prefers to use everyday nature materials and user or individual everyday situations trying to mix life with art as much as possible. The emphasis of his projects is the improvement of life through art with a conscious critique of the normality linking living concepts with the social values of community as economics and politics. Exploring new ways of constitute reality made by the collective in each context where he has the opportunity to work with. Currently studying Interface Cultures Master program he is in the research of new ways to interfere in art and life customizing the already existing interfaces and constructing new ones.

Gabriela Gordillo

Graduated from Visual Communication at Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión(2009) where she started working between design and media art, with an interest on sound, music, and open processes.
She has been part of several workshops and collective projects, and has presented her work in different venues of Mexico. She's part of Medialabmx, a non-profit organization, dedicated to the research of the links that connect art, technology and social phenomena.
At the moment, she studies the Master Program "Interface Cultures" at Künstuniversitat Linz, with the support of FONCA-CONACYT program for International Studies.

Moritz Haberkorn

"Hello i'm Moritz Morast, i'd like to do things and make stuff, plug into your mixer, draw patterns into your sketchbook and leave strange folk songs on your voice mail.
Anarchists just wanna have fun!"
Moritz Morast Haberkorn(1991) is a tinkerer/musician hailing from Linz, Austria tapping LoFi-Circuits and hacking interfaces.
He creates performances, music, interactive installations, visuals art aswell as customized soft- and hardware, by connecting the uneven parts together.

Mihaela Kavdanska

is an intermedia artist. Bulgarian born, based in Austria and Romania.
She graduates BA & MA in Fine Arts, Painting Department, The National University of Arts in Bucharest, 2001. Since than she's been working mainly in interdisciplinary collaborative projects, exhibited and performed in different galleries, museums, festivals and other cultural events around Europe.
Mihaela Kavdanska creates live experience and process based art works, where the constant exchange of perspectives plays an important role. As visual artist, she?s been interested in renewing artistic language and mastering both traditional and new means since late '90. Appealing to painting, photography, video art, VJ-ing, interactive installations, 3D video mapping or intermedia performances, in order to express the similar subject. Mihaela Kavdanska is initiator, curator & artistic director of AVmotional Platform. Founded in 2004, this is one of the most articulated hypostases of contemporary urban culture in Romania. Together with Dilmana Yordanova, she is co-founder and creative director of KOTKI visuals, a multimedia studio founded in 2006 in Bucharest. As an artist duo, they are among the first media artists to implement new technologies in performing arts, live communication and alternative advertising in Eastern Europe.

Carina Lindmeier

Carina Lindmeier was born in 1987 in Vienna. She is a graphic designer with a special interest in illustrations, media design and conceptual thinking. Her educational background is the HTL (Higher Technical Institute) for graphics and communication design.  After a few years of work experience in different fields of the creative industry she did her bachelor degree in educational sciences before she became a student of the Master Programme of Interface Cultures at the Art University of Linz.

Martin Nadal

Is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Spain and now lives in Linz where he attends to Interface Cultures master programme in Kunstuniversität. He studied a BS in Computer Science and complemented his scientific training with studies in drawing and sculpture. Besides his personal projects he has collaborated with many artists to develop artistic projects of different kinds. His work is about the relationship of modern society and technology

Julia Nüßlein

(1989) is an artist, researcher and organiser. She was a festival producer of Amsterdam-based Dutch media art festivals Sonic Acts and FIBER Festival before becoming an Interface Cultures student in Linz. The interplay of art, technology and science has been her major focus for years. As part of her bachelor’s degree in new media and digital culture at Utrecht University, she researched how interacting with interfaces in artworks could provoke the audience to think and critically reflect upon the work and its concept. The idea of ‘though-provoking’ artworks using interfaces is also what brought her here. Her interest is mainly to create audience-based interactive pieces and to research how this interaction is designed and embedded in the artistic concept. By doing so, she aims to contribute to the debate surrounding the politics of spectatorship.

Onur Olgac

Computational artist with a BSc. in Computer Science, currently focused on generative design and procedural content creation. After his bachelor's studies he was involved in various interdisciplinary creative projects and later on worked as an augmented reality developer before moving to Linz, Austria to pursue his MA degree in Interface Cultures. He is interested in creating algorithmically and aesthetically beautiful, procedurally generated visuals and occasionally experimenting with glitchy experiences.

Ondrej Pokorny

Ondrej Pokorny was born in Olomouc in 1992. He studied at the Palacky University Olomouc - teaching with a focus on biology and art. Currently his main focus is  photography (Topic: nature and people), video art (gender topic) and fashion. He took part in many group exhibitions. The latest are the international festival of video art V.Ř.EDU in Olomouc and Golden Eyes in Prague.

Irene Rodenas

Born in Barcelona (1992) and based in Linz (2015). Graduated in Product Design from the School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona ELISAVA (2015) and current MA student at Interface Culture master program at Kunstuniversität Linz. During her BA studies she started to work with new technologies and interactive installations in order to experiment in different fields and to understand the basics. Working on the intersection of design, education, technology and art, she aims to explore the relation between the object and the interaction embedded in it.

Ilona Stütz

Ilona Stuetz was born and raised in Austria, after graduating High School (primary child care and education) she spent several months living in Italy and France. Studied textile.art.design (BA) in Linz before starting Interface Cultures.
Additionally studying Mediengestaltung (media design), Bildnerische Erziehung (art education) and Textiles Gestalten (textile art) – program for becoming a teacher at High School.Main interest are illustration, graphics, experimental film.

Stefan Tiefengraber

After working six years in a film production company he changed his main place of residence to Linz/Austria to focus on his artistic works. 2015 he took part in the MMCA Changdong residency program in Seoul/Korea for six month.
Stefan Tiefengrabers art works go from sound art to interactive installations to performances and time based media like experimental video and documentaries. This works have been exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival 2014 (Linz/Austria), Space O'NewWall (Seoul/Korea), 16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015 (Wroclaw/Poland), …

Jens Vetter

Jens Vetter is a musician, performer and multi-instrumentalist. His work deals with creating new interfaces, objects and software for stage-shows and performances. His compositions are featured in film and theater. Furthermore he is interested in algorithmic music and concrete poetry. 

Vera Ismene Wittkowsky

Vera Ismene Wittkowsky completed her degree in Scandinavian studies, Dutch studies, philosophy and gender studies at the University of Vienna in 2008 and a three-year training in "Multimedia Arts" at the HTL Spengergasse, Vienna, in 2011. In 2012 she started to work on her PhD-thesis in philosophy at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. She works on several art and animation film projects and explores in particular the production of meaning concerning the human body and gender within art, science, culture, technology and politics. With her animation shorts, installation art and printed stills she has taken part in several animation film festivals and exhibitions. Studying at the Interface Culture Department at the Kunstuniversität Linz provides her with beneficially new techniques, insights and ideas to her artistic production and scientific research.

Or Wolff

Or Wolff is an Interactive Designer, holding a BA in Visual Communication from The Wizo Academy of Design & Education, Haifa, Israel. She is specialised in UX&UI Design and has over 6 years of experience working with different companies and agencies. Her works are often inspired by data visualisation, and the combination between space, design & technology.