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Isabella Auer

Isabella Auer is a media artist from Linz, studying Interface Cultures (MA) & Time-based Media (MA)@ Kunstuni Linz. Her works range from animations, videos and graphics to interactive installations, often with a focus on pop cultural themes. Moreover Isabella puts a lot of effort into curating sausage-themed exhibitions, programming crazy shit and blowing up self-made inflatables. From 2014 - 2016 she was part of Barcelona-based collective "Hungry Castle“ and since 2018 she is a member of Linz-based art collective "qujOchÖ".  

Parisa Ayati

I’ve studied industrial design at Tehran university of art and has been working as motion graphic designer for 5 years. My works now are attempts to make a connection between nature, human, mathematical and geometrical algorithms and technology. I’m exploring the meeting point between these elements. I’m so fascinated by the hidden process of the world around us. I believe that most amusing forms can be found in nature and with combining them with human imagination we can create amazement. I want to give people joy and good feeling when they see my works or interact with them. I love coding as a medium to make unpredictable visuals based on existing algorithms and also installations. These days I am mostly doing research about generative design and using Processing to practice it. I am also looking forward to learning data visualization (which I believe to be a kind of generative design) and has always been one of my musts to learn things.

Balint Budai

He is an artist based in Linz, Austria, born in Budapest, Hungary. Formely he had graphic design and printmaking studies,dancer and music studies worked as a painter, perform as a dancer and musician as a percussionist, using installations and poems to express.
Currently operating with VR works, sound compositions for installations and performing in an Audio-visual field. Member of Westerk art association and RRR art group collective.


Amir Bastan

As a new media artist with a background in fine arts and philosophy, Amir Bastan(*1991) explores the conflict between the conscious and the subconscious. He realizes his works by designing narratives through real-time processes.
Amir is based in Linz/AT where he is currently a researcher at Creative Robotics beside pursuing his Master’s in Interface Cultures.

Sofia Braga

Sofia Braga is an italian artist based in Linz (AT). She develops her artistic research at the intersection between Digital and Post-Digital practices, focusing on the materiality of the web and the social impact of web interfaces. She graduates in Visual Arts (BA, MA) at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and is currently attending the Interface Cultures master program at the University of Art and Design of Linz.
Her works have been exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, AT), The Wrong – The New Digital Art Biennale, Pinacoteca Albertina di Torino (IT), Deutsche Bank (Milan, IT), Xie Zilong Photography Museum (Changsha, CN), XII Video Vortex Conference (La Valletta, MT), Speculum Artium (Trbovlje, SI), Link Cabinet (IT) and more.
In 2019 she has curated the Internet Yami–Ichi at Ars Electronica Festival and its first Italian edition in Bologna.

Patricia Cadavid H.

Is immigrant, artist and researcher born in Colombia, M.A in Visual arts & Multimedia (Universitat Politècnica de València) and B.A in Fine Arts Specialization in Image Technologies (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha). In her work she explores the relationships and effects of coloniality, the new media and the internet social networks from her own migratory experience and the decolonial thinking, experimenting with different media such as video, photography and electronic & new media art in her creative process and artistic practice.

Anand Jaskaran Singh

(Jaskaran Anand) was born in New Delhi, India and is now based in Linz, Austria. He is graduated in the field of Computer Science, and soon in Dance Performance and Pedagogy (2018).  His work focuses on human psychology,political and the social issues of the world and he believes that the three are influenced by each other. He looks forward to crossing borders in different artistic mediums to support his ideas and work under collaborations. He has performed, choreographed and taught across Europe, and India.He has been a company member of The Danceworx, Indian Dance Company, and been an artist in resident for the Healing Hill Art Residency, India (2015), Play Practice Residency, India (2016) and part of the research project MoR of Ufer studios, Berlin (2017). His social dance project "A New Day" has been supported by Linz Kultur and he has been freelance artist in the European and Indian contemporary dance since 2012. While creating his own work he has collaborated for various dance projects, and short films across India, Europe and USA. He has been an assistant choreographer for an Indian feature film “Haider”, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. He has worked with Ivo Dimchev, Liz King, D.ID Dance Identity, Opera de Lausanne, Teatro della Tosse, Balletto Civile and has been part of festivals like International Festival of Dance like Impulstanz, Tanztag Buergenland, Tanztag Vienna, Delhi Contemporary Arts Festival, Delhi International Arts Festival. He speaks English, Hindi and German (Basic).

Juan Cedenilla

He began studying B.S. Telematic Engineering because of his interest in telecommunications. In that time, he worked in different types of jobs within the Networking. After a few years, he decided to make a change to explore and discover his creative side. He obtained a degree in Fine Arts, interested in audiovisual and interactive art. He has developed projects in photography, video, video-installations, interactive installations and net.art.

Indiara Di Benedetto

Born in Napoli, based in Linz. Graduated in BA Multimedia Arts (Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara), she's a master student in Interface Cultures. With a main background in videoart, installations and photography, and interests in anthropological and sociological issues, in her works she explores unconventional projection surfaces, the immaterial-material connections, the relation between artist, artwork and public, and the human relationships in the context of the new technologies. Combining interaction design and experimentation of various languages and materials she would like to create new interactive immersive environments and installations and finding new artistic accessible possibilities in the experience of perception of the artwork.

Mario Romera Gomez

Born in Spain but related to Venezuela Mario Romera consider himself an interdisciplinary artist focused on the research of new ways to develop art experiences with special mention to achieve participation and interaction between spectator and artwork. Formed in Fine Arts, he rather prefers to use everyday nature materials and user or individual everyday situations trying to mix life with art as much as possible. The emphasis of his projects is the improvement of life through art with a conscious critique of the normality linking living concepts with the social values of community as economics and politics. Exploring new ways of constitute reality made by the collective in each context where he has the opportunity to work with. Currently studying Interface Cultures Master program he is in the research of new ways to interfere in art and life customizing the already existing interfaces and constructing new ones.

Hess Jeon (KR)

Born in Korea, 1991, Hess is an object-oriented artist and designer with the focus on digital technologies, common machines, and their reflections on current cultures and communities. BDes in Industrial Design, NCAD Dublin, Ireland. MA in Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria.

Smirna Kulenović

Smirna Kulenović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is an anarchist-oriented performance artist, activist, and curator working in a wide range of media; from performance and sound art, film and text to guerilla activism and direct actions/interventions within the public space. She is the artistic advisor and curator of the Autonomous Contemporary Art Gallery Brodac in Sarajevo focusing on protest and political art, as well as the founder and artistic coordinator of the Anarchist Art Collective "Dobre Kote" in Sarajevo (BiH). Her works are currently exhibited all over Europe and were exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Museum of History of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Royal Institute of Arts Stockholm, Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art,...
She is currently focusing on the activist/political approaches to applying Artificial Intelligence systems to contemporary art, as well as exploring the body as a critical interface.

Juan Pablo Linares Ceballos

We make images from what we can’t forget, what we have felt. Everything we see looks back into us to those images, continuously colliding with them and changing their surface, changing our images of the world. I’m interested on the way we remember, on widening this experience to the point of overflow/saturation, where maybe images break and let others be made from what's left. Colombian plastic and visual artist from the National University in Bogotá.

Martin Nadal

Is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Spain and now lives in Linz where he attends to Interface Cultures master programme in Kunstuniversität. He studied a BS in Computer Science and complemented his scientific training with studies in drawing and sculpture. Besides his personal projects he has collaborated with many artists to develop artistic projects of different kinds. His work is about the relationship of modern society and technology

Julia Nüßlein

is an artist, researcher and organiser who works on the intersection of art, science and society. Currently finishing her MA Interface Culture in Linz (AT), she is also a producer for Amsterdam-based media art festivals Sonic Acts and FIBER Festival.During her BA degree in New Media and Digital Culture at Utrecht University (NL), she started to research the possibilities in art to bring forward social change. This topic, now taking into account speculative design objects as a catalyser of new climate imaginaries, is now the focus of her master thesis, and, hopefully, of a subsequent exhibition.

Onur Olgac

Computational artist with a BSc. in Computer Science, currently focused on generative design and procedural content creation. After his bachelor's studies he was involved in various interdisciplinary creative projects and later on worked as an augmented reality developer before moving to Linz, Austria to pursue his MA degree in Interface Cultures. He is interested in creating algorithmically and aesthetically beautiful, procedurally generated visuals and occasionally experimenting with glitchy experiences.

Irene Rodenas

Born in Barcelona (1992) and based in Linz (2015). Graduated in Product Design from the School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona ELISAVA (2015) and current MA student at Interface Culture master program at Kunstuniversität Linz. During her BA studies she started to work with new technologies and interactive installations in order to experiment in different fields and to understand the basics. Working on the intersection of design, education, technology and art, she aims to explore the relation between the object and the interaction embedded in it.

Lea Schnell

Lea Schnell (born in 1990) studied Theatre, Film and Media Studies and English and American Studies (BA & MA) with a focus on media & cultural theories at the University of Vienna. Currently, she is attending the MA program Interface Culture at the University of Art and Design in Linz. Her fields of interests include VR/MR based interaction, pervasive games and interactive art.  

Iosune Sarasate Azcona

Born in Pamplona (1992). Graduated in Fine Arts (BA) from the University of the Basque Country and in Visual Arts and Multimedia (MA) from the Polythechnic University of Valencia. Iosune is interested in researching about the officiality of concepts, the rigidity and the elasticity of them, the resistance to the already established or the rethinking of the rules.

Afra Sönmez

Afra Sönmez is an electronic textile designer/ researcher who integrates technology with craft, fashion, and traditional methods. Her works contain di event types of e-textile examples such as kinetic costumes, wearable games, e-textile costumes, and accessories.  
In 2004 she returned to Turkey from Moskow and continue to study in Turkey. She studied graphic design in high school, after then continue studies in Yeditepe University Visual Communication design department. Now she is studying At Art University of Linz Interface Cultures. In 2017 Afra made a collaboration with Tuba Ergin for Mercedes Benz Istanbul Fashion Week SS17. Nowadays she is performing with her e-textile instrument and gives workshops about e-textile.  

Ilona Stütz

Ilona Stuetz was born and raised in Austria, after graduating High School (primary child care and education) she spent several months living in Italy and France. Studied textile.art.design (BA) in Linz before starting Interface Cultures.
Additionally studying Mediengestaltung (media design), Bildnerische Erziehung (art education) and Textiles Gestalten (textile art) – program for becoming a teacher at High School.Main interest are illustration, graphics, experimental film.

Tiia Suorsa

is a media artist and experimental photographer (*1985) from Turku, Finland.
Graduated in multimedia journalism (BA), digital culture & cultural heritage (MA). She has been into photography since 2000 and working in the cultural field since 2008.
In the works Tiia is researching co-existence of digital and analog life with recurring themes of urban life, defined roles, definitions of time and space.

Vera Ismene Wittkowsky

Vera Ismene Wittkowsky completed her degree in Scandinavian studies, Dutch studies, philosophy and gender studies at the University of Vienna in 2008 and a three-year training in "Multimedia Arts" at the HTL Spengergasse, Vienna, in 2011. In 2012 she started to work on her PhD-thesis in philosophy at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. She works on several art and animation film projects and explores in particular the production of meaning concerning the human body and gender within art, science, culture, technology and politics. With her animation shorts, installation art and printed stills she has taken part in several animation film festivals and exhibitions. Studying at the Interface Culture Department at the Kunstuniversität Linz provides her with beneficially new techniques, insights and ideas to her artistic production and scientific research.

Qian Ye

Qian is a design student who come from China, she used to study computer science and industrial design in Zhejiang University,HangZhou. Right now Qian's special interest is tangible interaction and game interaction design.

Antonio Zingaro

Always been fascinated by new media and technology, Antonio began his career as a film-maker with a fair success. After that he decided to stop in order to focus his attention on media-activism. He has studied the complex word of hacktivism focusing mainly on the Italian one. After the publication of R.T.F.M. (Read This Fucking Manual - a digital self-defence cross-media manual) he is currently exploring companionship, intimacy & sexuality trough technology.