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Media Art and the Art Market Initiative

The project “Media Art and Art Market: Artistic Investigations of the Art Economy” is an artistic research framework run between the Department of Interface Cultures at the University of Art and Design in Linz and the Ars Electronica GmbH. It encourages discussions of the Media Art economy and supports its development. In recent years many concerns about the market for Media Art may have arisen as a result of the difficulties involved in its production, its presentation, its preservation and market. However there is now a great deal of interest in the formulation of new economic models that are adapted to the specificity of the artistic practice and dissemination of Media Art.

To spawn discussion, an international symposium called “Media Art and Art Market I” was held at the Lentos Museum in Linz on the 10th of October 2016.The event was organized by the Interface Cultures Department of the Kunstuniversität Linz in collaboration with Ars Electronica. It brought together a number of prominent artists, theoreticians, curators, and gallerists: Reinhard Kannonier, Stella Rollig, Gerfried Stocker, Christa Sommerer, Steve Fletcher, Christiane Paul, Annette Doms, Pau Waelder and Wolf Liese. A complete recording of the symposium can be found here: http://interface.ufg.ac.at/blog/media-art-and-the-art-market/

A second symposium called "Media Art and Art Market II" was held on Sept 7th during the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz Austria, organized by Interface Cultures PhD candidate Alessio Chierico. Speakers such as Steve Fletcher, Minoru Hatanaka, Anita Beckers, Ashley Lee Wong, Oren Moshe and Elisabeth Markevitch discussed topics around conservation and collecting, as well as new methods and formats. A recording of these lectures can be found here:

On September 8th 2017 the "Media Art and the Art Market II - Round Table" took place at the  Ars Electronica Festival 2017 where experts such as Valérie Hasson-Benillouche, Sabine Himmelsbach, Eduardo Kac, Steve Fletcher, Anita Beckers, Franz Wojda and Conny Ellersdorfer discussed with Christa Sommerer, Head of the Interface Culures Department about the existing / not existing market of media art. A recording of this round table can be found at:

And finally a second "Media Art and the Art Market II - Round Table" was organized in collaboration with Ars Electronica on Sept 9th 2017 where experts such as Henning Lohner, Oren Moshe and Andreas Hirsch investigated New Technologies for Preserving, Collecting and Storing Media Art. A recording of this round table can be found here:

Report about the Media Art and the Art Market Initiative at Ars Electronica 2017

Report "media_art_and_art_market_symposium".pdf