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L-INKED / Interaktion im Kunstraum

27. und 29. Mai 2021 RAUMSCHIFF, Pfarrplatz 18, 4020 Linz

L-INKED / one-to-one interaction

In L-INKED/One to One Interaction the audience will encounter different constellations of the project's performing artists in a protectedand intimate atmosphere.Beginning with a meditative exercise, participants are brought to a level of communication from where they embark on a shared, caring, non/verbal journey of interaction between the performers and the participants. In One-to-one Interaction, the performing artists invite the participants to reflect on and question personal ideas, concepts, and limits of body perception and utilization based on social political gender narratives.

This site-specific participative format premieres its Linz/Upper Austria public appearance, in cooperation with Initiative Raumschiff Linz on 27.05.2021, 18.00 h with Jaskaran Anand (concept , art-director, curation participant), Simona Stangova (group 1 performer participant - dancer) and Karen Schlimp (group 2 performer participant - various instruments) and continues the series of these participative-interaction event with the public on 29.05.2021, 16.00 h with Jaskaran Anand (concept , art-director, curation and performing participant-dancer), Emilija Veljkovic (performer participant - cello).

under Covid-19 regulations

Event Registration at : orga-trivium@jaskarananand.comhttps://l-inked.jaskarananand.com/?page_id=2


A short video will be produced as a result of each event which will be shared on the website by end of June 2021.

"L-INKED/one-to-one interaction // L-INKED/Interaktion im Kunstraum" will take place through 2021 -2022 at various cooperation partner venues.
To keep in touch with the public events related with this- and other- formats of the project L-INKED, please visit here.