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Follow the Current

11. September 2021, 16.00 Uhr Ars Electronica Garden in Belgrad

Kristina Tica, Interface Cultures Studierende, moderiert ein Panel im Ars Electronica Garden in Belgrad.

Kristina Tica (RS/AT), Marija Šumarac (RS), Barbara Jazbec (SI/AT), Sara Koniarek (AT), Sanja Anđelković (RS), Jovana Pešić (RS), Andrea Palašti (RS), The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA)

Follow the Current is a panel discussion established among young artists and researches from four cities connected by the current of the river Danube - Linz, Vienna, Novi Sad and Belgrade. The representatives come from group of artists and researches from each city, presenting five main projects: Interface Cult, group show - Sara Koniarek (AT) and Barbara Jazbec (SI/AT), Linz; Woodiana Oracle and Anatomy of Fatberg - Alexandra Fruhstorfer (AT), Lena Violetta Leitner (AT), Ege Kökel (AT/TR), Solmaz Farhang (UK/IR/AT), Vienna and Sanja Anđelković (RS), Jovana Pešić (RS), Andrea Palašti (RS), Novi Sad; Aerosonar and Digital Prayer - Marija Šumarac (RS), Belgrade. The moderator and creator of this panel discussion is Kristina Tica (RS/AT), Belgrade - Linz, also author of Digital Prayer.
This discussion will present their current projects that intersect between the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, environmental and technological issues. The aim is to exchange and communicate through common goals, questions and insights achieved while working with similar tools and technologies in various directions and environments. The discussion will follow the exchange of insights into their methods of acquiring knowledge, methods of creative expression, but also the critical points that we face on local and global scales that are being articulated into artistic research projects. Art’s multiple intelligences will be discussed, in contexts of realities and speculations, imagination and protocols from personal, intimate, to institutional scale. The goal of this panel discussion is to create an intersection of the key concepts that these young artists/researchers are driven by, in each city, in both local and global environment and context. This offers a chance to understand better what are the current and future aspirations, concerns, inspirations and problems to solve for the generation that is about to take the role of a protagonist in solving tomorrow’s challenges of our techno-ecologies.