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Playful Bodies

7. und 8. November 2020 Akademie für Zeitgenössisches Ballett Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität

Interface Cultures Student Jaskaran Anand hält den Workshop Playful Bodies ab.

dance & theater improvisation inspired from Jazz, Contemporary, Bollywood & other social dances, for teenagers and adults

This workshop is a derivation from the workshop Transcending Ego(s) , which focuses on body rhythm by combining improvisation, theatrical & contemporary dance exercises with commercial dance styles like Bollywood, Salsa, and Jazz. We deal with expression of an emotion, the sense of touch, the sense of self, complex footwork, mudras (hand gestures) and some groovy elements from traditional Indian dance, which are packed into a playful context. A motivating & physically oriented class that combines isolation exercises and coordination to express the emotionality of the body and achieve a collective high-energetic state.


Playfil Bodies, Jaskaran Anand, Workshop 2020