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"State of Intimacy"

This was Interface Cultures at Ars Electonica 2020

Interface Cultures students showed their survival tactics: how they dusted off the romantic artistic solitude as a way to fight the feeling of being isolated. The exhibition showed how art can both distract us from loneliness and magnify our social needs in times of confinement. Moreover, the exhibition highlights, maybe even more than before, the relevance of art and artistic research in the digital realm.

Bálint Buda, Thu Trang Eva Ha, Amir Youseff, Indiara Di Benedetto, Nomi Sasak, Mario Romera, Vanessa Vozzo, Andrea Macchia, Vincenzo Guarnieri, Sofia Braga, Juan Pablo Linares Ceballos, Jaskaran Anan, Stefan Fuchs, Afra Sönmez, Nursinem Aslan




State of Intimacy at Ars Electronica 2020