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Media Art Lab Moscow

ab 19. Dezember 2020 Moskau, Russland

Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau present their new animation called "Scavengers" in the frame of the "Backward-Forward-Rewind" exhibition at Media Art Lab Moscow

Single-channel video installation, 5’55”. Developed for the TransArt Festival at Centro Trevi in Bolzano and supported by MEET Milano. Courtesy of the artists

Entomologists are not the only ones concerned with the problem of endangered bees and other insects, whose disappearance will lead to the collapse of the entire ecosystem, of which humanity is still a part. "Nature will take care of it," has been the motto for a long time in our human society. But now we see that human-caused pollution leads to the almost collapse of our ecosystem. The work of Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau shows an artificial world, where insects have only human garbage left to feed on. The "Scavengers" insects try to clean up the human mess, and in an endless loop this process of pollution and restoration continues forever.

"Scavengers" 2020, © Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau