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5 Uhr Tee

03. März 2016, 17.00 Uhr ÖH-Cafe Dokapi, Kollegiumgasse 2, 4020 Linz

5 Uhr Tee mit Anna Ihle (NOR)

Anna Ihle explores processes of manual labour and home craft in relationship to conditions of contemporary work, unemployment and art making. She develops long-term projects that invite contributions from the context she interrogates, whether it be conversations or skills of performing laundry or woodcarving. She thinks of work and time management, and works from eight till four. When does a work shift end? What counts as work? Hey, what do you think of while working? When are the hours after work recreation and not simply recovery?

Anna Ihle grew up in Stavanger and studied her BFA and MFA in Fine Art at Konstfack, Stockholm. Since graduating in 2014 Ihle has exhibited at NYLO Living Art Museum, Reykjavik; Husby Konsthall, Stockholm; Spriten Kunsthall, Skien; Studio 17, Stavanger; Konsthall C, Stockholm and curated a series of shows at Spriten Kunsthall.

„5 Uhr Tee“ ist eine Vortagsreihe bei der junge Kulturschaffende, Künstlerinnen und Künstler ihre Arbeiten und Erfahrungen im Kunstbetrieb in entspannter Atmosphäre vorstellen. Jeweils um 17.00 Uhr, mit verschiedenen Sorten gratis Tee und Keksen!