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22. bis 27. September 2020 WKO, Rudolf-Sallinger-Platz 1, 1030 Wien

Die Malerei & Grafik der Kunstuniversität Linz präsentiert an der Parallel die Ausstellung

scream - sing - fall silent

Painting is an artistic staple food. Take all painting and remove it from this world: we would be faced with nothingness and every selfie would feel like a bleak anesthetic. With this knowledge, anyone who can penetrate the treasure of painting and its history will henceforth experience a portrait as a manifesto of a personality, as an attempt at self-awareness, as an expression of desire or as an intoxicating colored movement.

PARALLEL VIENNA presents young and emerging as well as established artistic practices and brings together art initiatives of every kind – art associations, galleries, project spaces, off spaces and artist spaces – , both Austrian and international, all under one roof. It thus combines local artistic creation with international trends and contributes to building networks and fosters exchanges between between artists, curators, collectors and exhibition visitors.

Beteiligte Studierende:
Danijela Bagaric, Amanda Burzić, Jovana Ćubović, Jakob Daringer, Sunhild Handwerker, Karim Hussein, Nellis Kneissl, Edgar Lessig, Sarah Mühlbacher, Simon Pfeiffer, Mariia Prysiazhniuk, Theresia Pürmayr, Ophelia Reuter, Miriam Roithinger, Melina Steiner, Elias Takacs, Alexander Till, Dimitrios Vellis, Laura Weiss, Lisa Wieder, Julia Witzeneder

Kuratiert von Ursula Hübner, in Zusammenarbeit mit Christoph Holzeis und Sabine Jelinek.

Technik: Martin Bischof

Ebenso vertreten sind die Abteilungen Bildhauerei -transmedialer Raum und die Experimentelle Gestaltung die Kunstuniversität Linz.


Einladung Malerei & Grafik PARALLEL VIENNA 2020

Einladung Malerei & Grafik PARALLEL VIENNA 2020