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4. September 2019 Kyoto

25th General Conference

Barbara M. Eggert, Lehrende der Fachdidaktik, wird sich mit einem Vortrag an der Konferenz beteiligen.

Out of Hands and/or in Control?
The Risks and Benefits of Authentic Participatory Museum Projects – a Case Study

Ever since the publication of Nina Simon’s book The Participatory Museum (2010), the openness of museums concerning participatory projects has become at least lip service with many institutions.
Just how serious the city of Krems, Austria, is about revamping its city museum as an authentic, participatory location can be seen in the offer to present a students' project as the first exhibition after the re-opening of museumkrems in 2018: Tableaux vivants, a re-staging project with a contemporary twist, was initiated and mentored by the author of this paper and Verena Taschner, BA ed., teacher to the 18 female fashion students between 16 and 18 who would become the project’s curators, art educators, and artists.
Opening a museum for school projects falls into Nina Simon's category of "Hosting Participants": The institution largely hands over the sovereignty of interpretation and acts as supporting host. In the case of Tableaux vivants the schoolgirls were given maximum creative freedom and support to debut in various museum-related roles and to gain self-confidence concerning presenting themselves and their work professionally in public.
On basis of this case study, this paper analyses the risks and benefits entailed by authentic participatory projects and shares insight on lessons learned.

Roles of Museum Education: Supporting Self and Society
Die Konferenz findet vom 1. bis 7. September 2019 statt.
Veranstalter ist das Committee for Education and Cultural Action (ICOM CECA).

Barbara M. Eggert
Die Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaftlerin Dr. Barbara M. Eggert unterstützt seit dem 1. Februar 2019 Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Loffredo in der Fachdidaktik. Beide verbindet u.a. ihr Forschungsinteresse an partizipativen Kunstprojekten in schulischen und außerschulischen Kontexten, sowie an der transdisziplinären Auseinandersetzung mit Phänomenen der Jugendkultur, insbesondere Selfie-Culture und Comics.