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Bruce LaBruce

24. April, 16.00 Uhr Domgasse 1, Bildhauerei-Seminarraum, 1. OG

Bildhauerei-transmedialer Raum lädt zum Vortrag von Bruce LaBruce

Over time, Bruce LaBruce used his creative savoir-faire to maneuver into a career as a director, photographer, writer, artist, and all-around provocateur. As a filmmaker, his work would fall largely into the "queercore" movement. LaBruce became infamous for employing transgressive narratives to marry the vulgar with the poetic, and the distasteful with the brilliant. But although his subject matter is undeniably queer, gay kids aren't the only ones who look up to LaBruce. His work has also gained famous "hetero fans" like Harmony Korine and Kurt Cobain. In 2015 the Museum of Modern Art in New York City (MoMa) held a retrospective about LaBruce’s body of work.
For the very first time in Linz, Bruce LaBruce will talk about his art.
We would like to thank Philipp Fleischmann and the Friedl Kubelka Film School in Vienna for their collaboration on this project.
Schule Friedl Kubelka für unabhängigen Film

Die Österreichpremiere des neuesten Filmes von Bruce LaBruce findet im Rahmen
des Crossing Europe Filmfestivals Linz statt.
Bruce LaBruce, Deutschland 2017, 91 min, eOF
Mittwoch, 26.04., 23.00 Ursulinensaal
Donnerstag, 27.04., 11.30 Moviemento, Movie 3