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From Ubiquitous Computing via Indonesia to Austria to the Internet of Things

19. Oktober, 2017, 12.00 Uhr Interface Culture Lecture Room, Domgasse 1, 3.OG

Gastvortrag von Ulrich Nobisrath im Rahmen der Interface Lectures Series

I am kind of a strange computer scientist. Some of my colleagues think I am more of anomadic inventor. My work has been influenced and shaped a lot by an industrial andentrepreneurial background, passion for teaching, love for programming, lots ofinternational adventures as well as an interest in dancing and the performing arts.

Join me in this talk on a small journey through my academic life covering severalcontinents, research projects in ubiquitous computing and later the Internet of Things,the urge to creating a better Google, and telling stories to building better software. Wewill see how a tiny 2 EUR computer might have the potential to change the world to thebetter. We will also discuss how making, networks, and technology around the Internetof Things might help cities solving both problems in helping their disadvantagedcommunities as well as real specific problems coping with rain and waste water.

I will show several of my research prototypes in practice and explain history andanecdotes of their creation. You will see one of my projects supporting problems inurban environments, a DIY retro-game controller, smart and networked plush toys - allrunning and being facilitated by my own open source Internet of Things framework.Please join me in my talk to let me try to inspire you to take part in the IoT and MakerMovement and use or even support my work with comments, praise and critique, as wellas new ideas.

Biography: ulno.net

Ulno with IoT gear and AR glasses