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7.3.2021 bis 18.4.2021; OpenArtExchange Gallery, Hoogstraat 85 / Schiedam 3111 HC, NL

Ausstellungsbeteiligung von Marie Ruprecht

For many reasons the art world today seems still vastly dominated by male artists. On 7/3/2021, the eve of International Women’s Day, we will open the exhibition Undertow, connecting a multi-diverse group of female artists, having them shed their light on contemporary society. The undertow may not always be visible, but is clearly sensible and powerful, providing natural direction.  

Artists: Alexandra Harley, Damilola Olusegun, Elysha Rei, Fenneke Hordijk, Fernanda Morales Tovar, Heleen Mos, Inge van Haastert, Laurence Causse-Parsley, Marie Ruprecht, Neo Mahlangu, Rahshia Sawyer, Teona Paichadze