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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
The PhD programme at University of Art and Design Linz expands the traditional scientific spectrum by adding themes and practices of artistic research (often also referred to as “practice-based research”).
Reflective engagement in, and involvement with, specific methods and production processes in connection with students’ own artistic projects are thus integrated as key elements into the research work.
In this context, research is principally defined as an open-ended process aimed at the comprehensive production of knowledge.
The programme serves to prepare each student for academic work in the field covered by his or her dissertation.
It offers academic education at an international level and enables graduates to engage in independent research work in compliance with the international standards governing their respective disciplines.
PhD projects thus must contribute to the body of knowledge within the given area of research by yielding new and independent findings and moreover have to correspond to ethical and paradigmatic framework criteria of research: the work must be original, transparent and open to analysis; moreover, it must allow for communication and critique both at the moment of production and at later stages.


The PhD programme at University of Art and Design Linz has a minimum duration of 6 semesters and presents a deliberately open structure with regard to the range of potential fields, topics and practices of research.
Special emphasis is placed on PhD project work, which is monitored and assisted by the supervisors within the scope of privatissima. In addition, workshops are offered as well. The University arranges at least one colloquium for PhD students per semester.
Important instruments to safeguard quality and help students develop their personal profile are provided by the supervision agreement and the progress reports to be submitted every semester.

Dr. Veronika Schwediauer
M: +43 (0) 676 84 7898 2202
Erreichbarkeit: MO bis MI

Dr. Andre Zogholy
T: +43 (0) 732 7898 229

Mag. Reinhard Gupfinger, MA