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Pilot Phase

The department of Education of Oberoesterreich gave The University of Art and Design Linz, a one-off grant for 2010/2011. This grant was to enable the detailed development of an exact curriculum of SHUTTLE, with the use of the pilot phase.

This grant was used to carry out a fundamental assessment and to research the current position of the academic scene in the German speaking world.   12 participants were invited to Haslach for a 5 day trial course from the 14. – 19. April, 2011. Together, these participants, including internationally renowned tutors ran through a miniature version of the planned SHUTTLE course. The results and conclusions of this intense and motivating trial were the basis for the current curriculum. 

em. O.Univ. Prof. Mag.art. Margareta Petrascheck-Persson

Conception und Strategy
Mag.art. Christina. Leitner

Martina Lehner

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