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We have one big room which we can use all together for playing, eating, calming down and moving around. Our toilet is suitable for children like in other pre-K's and we do have a baby changing table. There is also a lockable room outside KuKi Kiste for baby carriages.

All the KuKi kids have a lot of toys to play with: wooden bricks, material of Montessori, puzzles, picture books, and and and. For doing handicrafts and to paint we have extra tables and chairs. There is also a full length mirror to look and perceive themselves and some clothes to dress up differently are hanging next to it.
With various gym mats an obstacle course is built, which is a good alternative for moving if the weather is bad outside. In between the seat circle we will sing and play together. In the comfort zone the kukis can relax and read books.
The children can strengthen themselves or drink at any time they want at the dinner-tables.
As often as possible we go outside to playgrounds nearby.Since 2016 we have our own playground in the 3rd floor with sandpit, playhouse, etc.

The Oberösterreichische Hilfswerk is employing the two pedagogues and the supporting civil servants.  

Co-ordination / Contact
Kristina Kornmüller

office hours: Tue. 9.30 - 12.30 am and by appointment
phone: +43 (0)732 7898 2488
mobile: +43 (0)676 84 7898 488

KuKi Kiste
Kollegiumgasse 2, 4. OG, 4010 Linz
phone: +43 (0)676 84 7898 445