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Student Representation Textile/Art & Design

We are the contact persons for all semesters of the studies textil.art.design, we are here if there are any questions or problems. You can contact us per mail or in person. We are the link between the students, professors and the rectorate.If you have a problem or you need help, tell us we try to find a good and quick solution.Ideas or suggestions if there's something missing (f.e. equipment acquisition) are always welcome.

From time to time we make meetings (which are always sent out in advance per mail), where we talk about projects, workshops, information you need to know, concerns and so on.

Stv Textil

Vorsitzende McNab Nina
Kontakt oeh.stv-textilkd@ufg.at

Stellvertreterin Durmann Linda
Kontakt oeh.stv-textilkd@ufg.at

Stellvertreterin König Lea
Kontakt oeh.stv-textilkd@ufg.at