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Department of Visual Communication


The Department of Visual Communication administers two study programmes: the Bachelor curriculum Graphic-Design and Photography (6 semesters) as well as, since autumn 2009, the two-year Master programme Visual Communication.

The Bachelor programme Graphic-Design and Photography teaches students to work with various analogue and digital media in the field of visual communication. In addition to acquiring technical-formal skills in such areas as printing, typography, photography and new media, students are encouraged to explore the limits of visual communication and face the rising demands and increasing complexities of this discipline through thematic-conceptual approaches.

The two-year Master programme Visual Communication is designed as a personal-artistic investigation poised between experimental design and conceptual work. Under the supervision of Professor Tina Frank, design processes and their outcomes are researched and rooted in the interplay of form and content, text and image, theory and practice.

Univ.Prof. Tina Frank

Department Visual Communication
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University of Art and Design Linz
Department of Visual Communication
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