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WiFi connection for employees/lecturers/students:

Network (SSID): KUni Linz
User = m+Matriculation-number or p+Personell-number
Password = eDirectory

Network (SSID): eduroam
User = m+Matriculation-number@ufg.at or p+Personell-number@ufg.at
Password = eDirectory

Every department has its own login for external persons. Please refer to respective department head.

To provide an internet connection at events (meetings, workshops, exhibitions …) the organiser has to request access to a separate WLAN. This has to be done one week in advance via email to it.helpdesk@ufg.at and contain the following details:
• desired name/SSID of the WLAN (e.g. name of event)
• time frame of the event

On various devices it may be required to set the following options (only if available):
• Security: WPA/WPA2 or WPA3-Enterprise
• Legitimization/EAP-method: PEAP (or Protected EAP)
• PEAP-Version: Auto
• Phase 2-Authentication: MSCHAPv2 or Don't validate (Note: You need to select one)
• CA-Certificate: Don't validate or Not required (Note: You need to select one)
• Identity: your username (see above)
• Anonymous Identity: (leave empty)

During the connection process there may appear a message, asking you to confirm a certificate. After you do so you may be required to enter the login credentials of your local user (the login to the device).

In case the Wifi-connection is established but there is no internet:
• check if the correct date and time is set on your device
• check the IP- and DNS-settings of your device: IP- and DNS-addresses can't be defined manually, instead set it to "automatic" or "DHCP"