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At the beginning of the studies every student learns the basics of each workshop that will be needed for further projects.

For projects in textile the rooms of the departments textile.art.design (tkd) and Textile Design (TG) can be used. The workshops are used equally by students of both departments.

Sewing studio 
This studio is equipped ideally for different sewing projects.

  • Sewing machines
  • Leather sewing machines
  • Overlocks
  • Coverlock
  • Iron machines
  • Iron press
  • Tables for cutting fabric
  • Special equipment to iron and sew as well as cutting and sectional drawing

Weaving mill 

Here students can use different kinds of weaving mills.

  • Sample loom
  • Plane weaving loom
  • Tapestry high weaving loom
  • Computerized plane weaving loom (24 shafts)
  • Keyboard weaving loom
  • Jacquard weaving machine (in the Textile Center Haslach   


Students call this room ‘The Dye Kitchen’ and it offers work space for different methods for dyeing textiles. The equipment allows the use of natural and synthetic dyes and reserve dye methods, like Ikat, Batique and Shibori.

Silkscreen Studio 
This Studio is specialized for textiles and can be used for experimental silkscreen works as well as free printing by hand and pattern repeat printing by silkscreen machines. The studio is equipped with following machines and devices:

  • Printing table 10 m long with thermo glue and silkscreen carousel
  • Light table
  • Darkroom with lighting equipment
  • Dry- and fixing cabinet
  • Washing system 
  • Numerous screens in various sizes and thicknesses


Digital Print Studio 
In this studio students cannot work by themselves. They can arrange with the assistant and can get digital designs get printed on textile. The printing is done with reactive colors on natural fiber. The fabric is there to use and can be chosen by the students. Data has to be prepared in PDF files with 300 dpi and RGB-color in original size. After a worktime of roughly two weeks, students will get their printed and fixated fabric. It will still need to be washed and rinsed.   

Paper – Latex Studio 
The paper and latex studio is equipped with the basic tools to produce handmade paper and 3-dimensional objects in paper and latex (natural kautschuk). 

  • Holländer (paper machine to prepare the fiber)
  • Screens to make paper by hand / papier troughs
  • Two sinks with running water
  • Ironing press  
  • Stacking dryer
  • Oven
  • A3 guillotine shears
  • Various equipment for 3D design   
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