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Verena Ziegler

InBetween - Interdisziplinäre Arbeitsweisen zur Aesthese und Formfindung durch materielle und maschinische Interaktion 

Beginn des PhD-Programms / Start of the PhD-Program​: WS 2016

Betreuung / Supervision: 
Gerhard Buurman
Oliver Fritz

Traditional Western philosophy, cognitive science and traditional HCI frameworks approach the term digital and its implications with an implicit dualism (nature/culture, theory /practice, body/mind, human/machine). What lies between is a feature of our postmodern times, in which different states, conditions or positions merge and co-exist in a new, hybrid reality, a “continuous beta”1 version of becoming2.
Post-digitality involves the physical dimensions of spatio-temporal engagements. This new ontological paradigm reconceptualizes digital technology through the experience of the human body and its senses, thus emphasizing form-taking, situational engagement and practice rather than symbolic, disembodied rationality. This raises two questions in particular: how to encourage curiosity, playfulness, serendipity, emergence, discourse and collectivity? How to construct working methods without foregrounding and dividing the subject into an individual that already takes position? Throughout a PhD investigation, a rhizomatic framework was developed, which attempts to overcome two prevailing tendencies: first, the one-sided view of scientific approaches to knowledge acquisition and the purely application-oriented handling of materials, technologies and machines; second, the distanced perception of the world. In contrast, research focuses on project-driven alchemic curiosity and doing research through artistic design practice. This means thinking through materials, technologies and machinic interactions. At the end of this PhD journey, 10 interdisciplinary projects have emerged from this ontological queer-paradigm that illustrates the new proposed paradigm the so called "postdigital– crafting 4.0".

Kurz-Biographie / Short Bio
Verena Ziegler is Research Associate at the University of Arts Zurich - Interaction Design Department, and trained as Architect and Textile Designer. She is currently undertaking her PhD research at the University of the Arts Linz in collaboration with  HTWG Constance, at the Open Innovation Lab.
In her research Verena explores intersections of digital fabrication techniques with nature inspired building principles in combination with textiles, developing experimental prototypes for modular architecture, light weight structures, sewing patterns and possible future scenarios.

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