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Dr. Katharina Gsöllpointner

Date:        May 27th 2008, 1-2pm
Place:       Interface Culture Lab, Sonnensteinstr.11-13, 2nd floor
Lecturer:  Dr. K. Gsöllpointner, Kunst- u. Medienwissenschafterin digitale Künste, NeueMedienKunst u.
Title:         "Cybernetics of Art – Aesthetics of Language"

Cybernetics of art means that art on the one hand can be observed and described as a social system (Luhmann). On the other hand every single artwork also can be observed and described in terms of its „operative functions“, i.e. how it „works“.

The lecture will mainly focus on the fact, that artworks can be observed as aesthetic systems being constructed in a circular process at the interfaces between perception, action and communication. What makes artworks special in this model – and here Luhmann’s diction of „making world contingency available “is crucial – is that they discuss, describe and present the issues of self-reference and other-reference as well as they (can) make those observable.

Furthermore I describe artworks as processual forms being influenced thru their respective specific mediality. The mutual relations between artistic intentionality, communicative expectations and recipients’ feedbacks thus lead to aesthetic decisions made more or less „consciously“ (expressible thru language) by the artists.

Thus producing art, its reception and the communication about it are always an interdependent interaction. Proceeding from this I assume, that already while organizing their forms (designing their works) artists anticipate the recipients’ perceptive operations.

How this interaction works and how, therefore, artists can be considered as aesthetic experts I will elaborate on selected contemporary art works. In particular I will introduce the theories of the research project „Aesthetic Know-how“ which examines artists’ use of language in various media modalities.

DR. KATHARINA GSÖLLPOINTNER works as a free scholar in media and aesthetic communication with a special focus on the cybernetics of art. She holds lectures and teaches media and art studies at international scientific and art universities. In 2007 she founded LOOP. Institute for Systemic Media Research in Vienna together with Sibylle Moser.

In 2002 and 2003 she worked as a consultant for artsiencevienna, a project of the City of Vienna to enable innovative transdisciplinary forms of cooperations between arts and sciences. Since 1995 Katharina Gsöllpointner has carried out a number of research projects on media and media art theories. From 1991-1995 she was the manager of the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz together with Peter Weibel. Since 1985 she has published internationally on art and media theory as well as on the transdisciplinarity of art and sciences.