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Ina Kharadze
Masterarbeit, 2016
Interface Cultures

Gamification - application of game principles and elements in non-game contexts has become extremelypopular in recent years. It is particularly trendy in software products and educational products, one of thereasons of which is the popularity of video games, which makes gamified software especially appealingto younger generation.
Educational software is an excellent candidate for gamification, because unlike in many other types ofsoftware, the computer can usually measure user's effectiveness, making it much easier to implementgamification concepts.
However, according to some relevant findings gamification does not work in all circumstances, and ischallenging to be correctly implemented. Some researches on gamified learning experiences suggestthat common beliefs about the benefits obtained when using games in education can be challenged.“Students who completed the gamified experience got better scores in practical assignments and inoverall score, but findings also suggest that these students performed poorly on written assignments andparticipated less on class activities, although their initial motivation was higher” (Domínguez et al., 2013).

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