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Wrecking Ball

25. Mai 2018, 20.00 Uhr Kunstuniversität Linz, Hauptplatz 6, 4020 Linz

Kunstuni Ball 2018

DJ and Live Performances by:

* Tony Renaissance
Through aspects of queer utopian visions Tony Renaissance creates sounds and lyrics to imagine alternative realities through the transformative and connective power of sound and images. Tony Renaissance’s dark synthesiser sounds, heavy beats and ethereal, bending choral vocals create cathartic electronic landscapes, manifesting desires, anxieties, vulnerability, melancholy, mystical rituals of self-care, radical softness and resistances.

* Haus of Rhinoplasty
is a loose collective of party people who have been doing themed soirées for the last ten years, nights on the very edge of edginess, fetes as fabulous and frivolous as the next best trashy 10$ drag queen. Nobody is more "avant", nor more "garde" than them!             

* Neue Lebensstil
is a music group from Austria. Formed by MC Penetratte and MC Stalex they draw their inspiration from the pop-culture, food and darkest corners.             

* Salvatore Viviano
is a multifaceted artist. After an acting career in Paris, France (TV and Movies), he met by accident the outrageous Austrian art collective Gelatin and moved with them to Austria. He’s assisting Ali Janka and Tobias Urban, the two Sculpture and Transmedia professors at the Art University in Linz. “Salvatore Viviano is always good for a surprise. His surprises are mostly performances, pictorial and sculptural objects, photographs and installations – or a mixture of all of it” Severin Dünser, Curator.             

* and very special guests

Lip Sync Competition with special guest jury (and a mega prize to win)

Dress Code: Drag (Queen, King, Duchess, Prince, Baroness) - just drag it up!

The fashion police will be at the door, you better come dressed up!