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re:call phone—An Interactive Telephone Station

Doris Diensthuber / Christan Meixner
Media Archaeology, 2006
Grafik-Design und Fotografie

This installation consists of a telephone station equipped with a 1950s-style wall model phone and a monitor.The user activates the rotary dial to navigate through the history of the telephone and telephoning, whereby combinations of dates serve as phone numbers. The information dialed up is displayed on the monitor; plus, users can listen to informative texts being played through the earpiece of the receiver.A listing of telephone numbers provides an overview of the available topics,ranging from the early days of the telephone to the currentstate of the art,and also including bizarre and humorous anecdotes about the phone in artand research.

The re:call phone was shown at the Ars Electronica Festival 2006.


© Doris Diensthuber, Christian Meixner
Foto © Joachim Smetschka